Community Auth

This current version of Community Auth is an authentication package for CodeIgniter 3. If you’re looking for the older version for CodeIgniter 2, the repository (no longer maintained) is still available on Bitbucket.

As a CodeIgniter third party package, Community Auth is now more easily integrated with your existing application. Full installation can be done in minutes, and authenticating a user is identical to the older version. What’s also different about this version of Community Auth, versus the older version, is that it no longer comes with the example application. That application was too elaborate, and devs were under the impression that the application was meant to be built off of. It was really just meant to be an example, to show that Community Auth not only worked, but that it could handle common authentication requirements.

Abandoning the example application isn’t a bad thing. If you used the old Community Auth you’ll instantly see the benefit of the new approach. It’ll be faster for you to install, way easier for you to customize, and you’ll be back to work on your application very quickly. If you feel the need to use, or if you just want to see the old version’s example application, it’s pretty easy to modify the controllers, models, and views to work with CodeIgniter 3 and this version of Community Auth.

Community Auth requires at least PHP 5.4+

Core Authentication Features

  • User Authentication (User Login)
  • Access Granted by Level / Role
  • Access Granted by Role Group
  • ACL for Finer Controlled Permissions
  • Limits Failed Login Attempts
  • Limits Login to a Single Device (Default)
  • Deny Access by IP (Requires Local Apache Configuration File)
  • Persistent Login (Remember Me) (Turned Off by Default)
  • Forgotten Password and Username Recovery


View the Community Auth For CodeIgniter 3 repository on Bitbucket.


If you need help, feel free to start a new thread in the CodeIgniter Forum. I’m “skunkbad” in the forum, and I’ll help whenever possible. Due to my busy work schedule, I may not always be able to help. Work does come first, and that said, if you are willing to pay for support, please feel free to contact me on my website. I can’t promise I’ll have time for your request, but I will always consider it.


Community Auth is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.